INTEVAL is registered company, established in 2004 to further work previously developed by the Combating Social Exclusion Group at the University of Surrey. Nicholas Walters is the Executive Director of INTEVAL and works collaboratively with national and international partners.

Nick has been working on unemployment and social exclusion for over 20 years. Most of this work was in the Department of Educational Studies at the University of Surrey. Nick took early retirement from his post as Senior Staff Tutor in November 2005 and developed INTEVAL to further his interests in social exclusion research, project management and evaluation. He continued some of his research interests in unemployment and social cohesion with Department of Political, International and Policy Studies. He has been actively involved with over 50 research and development projects as promoter, manager or partner in national and transnational externally funded projects.

Nick has been involved in external and peer evaluation of projects since 1997. Beside evaluation, INTEVAL has recently worked on projects related to prison education, on enterprise and blind people, on integration of refugees, migrants and black and minority ethnic groups, on human rights education and on the assessment and accreditation of informal and non-formal learning in broadcast media. INTEVAL is currently working on projects about older people’s learning and with unemployed women.

INTEVAL’s research has included work on the identity and expectations of second generation migrants in Newham in association with the Social Demographic Department at the Catholic University of Warsaw, and on political participation in an EU Framework 7 research partnership with nine universities across Europe.

Nick’s experience combines practice and theory, and includes a sound understanding of policy and policy development.

Nick has spoken at many national and international conferences on social exclusion and lifelong learning, the last of which was on partnership working. He has presented project outcomes and policy recommendations at the European Parliament and to the European Commission.

As well as in the UK, Nick has published work on lifelong learning, discrimination and social exclusion in the United States, in Germany, in Belgium, in Poland and in Spain.

INTEVAL Limited   (Registration No. 5293402)

       9, Valley View, Godalming, Surrey, UK GU7 1RD

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